Laccetti of bread bean in yellow salad


For 2 people

120gr of Laccetti di Montemonaco 100% organic fava bean flour

endive salad

pineapple chunks

thin slices of lemon


salt, extra virgin olive oil to taste


Laccetti of  Broad bean  in SALAD version

Put a large saucepan with water on the fire, salt to taste and bring it to a boil. When the water boils, pour the LACCETTI and cook for 6/7 minutes, taking care not to mix them in the first minutes of cooking. Once cooked, let LACETTI cool.

Wash and dry the salad. Gather the LACCETTI of fava beans, the prickly lettuce, the pineapple chunks in a bowl. Season with extra virgin olive oil, lemon slices, almonds and salt.

Buon appetito!