The legend of Sibilla

The legend of Sibilla

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There are many places related to the tales of fairies and wizards belonging to Sibillini mountains, but the best known is called La Grotta della Sibilla (Sybil’s cave) which takes its name from the legend of the Apennine Sibyl, according to which the cave was nothing but an access point to the underground kingdom of the Queen Sybil, an ancient priestess who was able to predict the future.

According to the original version of the legend, the Sibyl was a good fairy, soothsayer and enchantress, a connoisseur of astronomy and medicine, who gave prophetic responses in a “sibylline” language. Through the centuries, especially in the Middle Ages and early Renaissance, writers, poets and intellectuals have indulged in describing the fantastic world of Sybil, altering its original and benevolent personality, up to the point it became, in various versions of the legend, even a diabolic and lascivious sorceress. In our opinion, it is not just a legend, since our fields where we cultivate Montemonaco legumes extend up to the slopes of the mountain where the road up to Sibilla Refuge starts.

Explore the mountain in search for fairies

Walking in the Sibillini Park, going up the road from the hillside up to Rifugio Sibilla (1450 meters above sea level) is truly unique experience. We start the journey from our fields that are normally cultivated with chickpeas, then we go along the road, full of crystalline sources, that refresh your walking, while the sound of water purifies you from everyday noises.

Suddenly, we can see a small forest that offers shelter from the sun for a short time, then immediately the landscape opens up to the sea and continues going towards the shelter. Then, the nature leaves you alone with the mountain, and the road continues along that way, by cutting the mountain almost to the top where the entrance to the cave is still visible.