I legumi MonteMonaco, gli unici al dente senza essere precotti conservando il 100% delle proprietà nutritive bio, fatti di sola acqua e farina del Parco nazionale dei Monti Sibillini, senza addensanti e conservanti.

Why eat legumes?


Why eat Monte Monaco legumes?

Naturally gluten-free Rich in proteins Secret recipe from Sibillini 100% Organic Agriculture Ready in 5 minutes

Chickpea, lentils, broad beans and peas grain is carefully milled in stone and mixed with water, becoming the ideal mix for the MonteMonaco 100% organic legume flour. A new, fast, modern and tasty way to assimilate all the benefits of legumes: from their natural absence of gluten to the richness in proteins and fibers, from the lower intake of carbohydrates to the low glycemic index

The secret recipe from Sibillini Mountains

They are kept secret and are different from the other types because they do not have thickeners and are not precooked. Usually, legume flours need to be precooked, or do contain thickeners that keep “al dente” the pasta. Our Montemonaco legumes do not need these tricks thanks to the secret recipe of the Sibillini Mountains

Rich in Proteins

The lack of any type of treatment means that our flours have a higher amount of proteins and mineral salts than many other pre-cooked pastes! See the nutritional values certified by the University of Camerino

Naturally Gluten-free

Our legumes are naturally gluten-free; the milling process and the pasta processing are exclusive and do not entail a risk of contamination

Ready in 5 minutes

Ready in just 5 minutes, it is the best and fastest way to eat legumes. Mix the penne, rigatoni, laces and fusilli after about 2 minutes from putting in the pot.

100% Organic Agriculture

All legumes come from certified organic agriculture. The environmental quality of the lands  guarantee pure and premium-quality flours


Also, do not forget that they are also delicious!


It looks like pasta but it is not …

We use the shape of pasta for convenience, but every pack of MonteMonaco legumes pasta is a special ingredient that with your imagination can turn into a single dish. Enjoy and cook with our recipes, or invent one and share it on our social networks.

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